Friday, April 6, 2012

Periodic Symbols Song goes viral

My songwriting energies have been directed much more to my ear training students this semester, so I haven't written any new science songs. But the ones I have written continue to attract more attention.

I'm honored that the producers of the Periodic Table of Videos chose to use one of my songs as a basis for a recent video of their own:

Thanks to the publicity they gave to this song, many more people have heard it. The original video, which had about 5,000 views a few weeks ago (after being on YouTube for months) now has over 30,000. This came in two surges. The first was from the video above. The second surge in popularity included mentions on Metafilter, Neatorama, and Yahoo News Canada, as well as a small flurry of referrals on twitter.

So, with all this interest in my science songs, I'm planning to use my summer months to record an album that I could actually sell. What shall I add to it? What should I write next?