Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Distance, Midpoint and Slope Formulas in Song

I have been very recalcitrant in keeping this blog updated, and it's been many months since I wrote another educational song. I had reasons, some good, some bad.

But another request from my sister kicked me into high gear last week, and this was the result:

I'm rather happy with this one, despite the fact that it fails one of my tests for an ideal educational song, that there be at least a modicum of humor.

Furthermore, I would understand if Geometry teachers chose not to use or share a song like this. It's important to know how these formulas are derived, and what they mean. Just memorizing them may help you to do better on a test, but not help you understand the subject. When I took Geometry, I never memorized them, I would just re-derive the formulas.

But some students may benefit from a reminder. I was proud that I got the entire formula for each into the verses and that the song is catchy and compact... And that my elementary school aged daughters can already both sing it from memory.