Thursday, September 29, 2011

Erosion: A love song for soil

This was the third (and so far, final) song in the "soil cycle."

I intended this to be cheesier than it turned out. Judging from a few comments I received, I really needed to be a bit more over the top. It's on my agenda to redo this song at some point with drums and a string section, and really make it as sappy as possible. (And if I could find a great videographer to make an equally cheesy music video to accompany it, all the better!)

I was pleased with this one as an educational song. I like how it parodies a love song as it explains the ideas of erosion and conservation, and once again names the components of soil. And I still like the way the music and lyrics worked together. Nothing in this song felt forced.

Lyrics after the jump:

Weathering turns solid rock into silt and sand and clay
But erosion... erosion... It carries them away.

Humus forms when living things die and then decay
But erosion... erosion... It carries it away.

Erosion takes away the soil we need to help things grow...
Soil's so good... If I could, I would never let it go.

So conservation is what we can do to help our soil to stay
'Cause erosion... erosion... It carries it away.

©2010 David Newman